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image by Desiree Dolron

“IN WATER” is a design proposal for an exhibition in art centre Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.

Water is a beautiful surface. It attracts us but remains intangible. We can become one with it to let ourselves sink under the surface. Being in the water is familiar to everyone, but somehow special. It’s like being in another world. In this other world, our senses are directly affected. The slowness, the muffled sounds, gravity, the perception of space, give consistence to this fully interactive environment. To be underwater can be extremely peaceful, but we always have to break the surface again to reach out for air. This fact gives water the ability to make us drift from tranquility to the deepest phobia.

The exhibition “IN WATER” feels like a deep immersion. Balancing between the water surface, sometimes coming up to reach out for air. From ultimate relaxing to deep phobia.

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